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The experience and knowledge of national and international osteopathic professionals who will manage hundreds of patients and clinical cases with the aim of presenting the most suitable approach possible.

From the medical history to the osteopathic diagnosis through specific treatment plans aimed at offering a 360° view on the management and treatment of the patient.


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In-person specialised courses in manual medicine held by international lecturers.

Provide high-value, evidence-based knowledge and skills in Manual Medicine to improve patient care and inspire collaboration between professionals.

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With Medi-cine online the world of manual medicine will be revealed in all its areas and aspects. You will be able to see what really happens behind every single treatment. This is thanks to news teaching methodologies, such as "body painting", and video shooting of techniques and treatments on real patients and even dead bodies.


Superior content, presented by leading European experts, made with cinematographic techniques, accessible at an affordable price.


An extensive catalog, constantly updated, covering the whole world of manual medicine. The whole library is organized into categories, chapters and videos to let you find your way around and miss nothing.


Shooting, direction and photography at the levels of the best film productions. Using the new teaching methodology with anatomical dissection sessions to reveal what happens "under" the areas subject to manual treatment.

Experience the augmented knowledge of Manual Medicine.


The skills and experience of the best professionals with hundreds of videos, available anytime and anywhere, to support you in training, in your work, or simply to nurture and improve your knowledge.

An exclusive platform for an unprecedented experience.

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What is Medi-cine Online?

Medi-cine Online is the first streaming platform dedicated to enhancing manual medicine knowledge. Created by experienced professionals for anyone looking for the best way to expand their knowledge.

How do I access Medi-cine Online video library?

In order to access the entire Medi-cine Online video library, you can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. Click on SUBSCRIBE to see the details.

What does the subscription include?

The subscription includes access to all library content throughout the subscription period, plus monthly updates, approximately 10-15 new videos each month.

How much does it cost to access the Medi-cine Online video library?

Starting from November 2, 2022, Medi-cine Online offers monthly subscription at €9.99 per month (instead of €14.99), and annual subscription at €89.99.

I have subscribed to a subscription at a different price than the current one, what should I do?

In the event of a subscription price reduction, active subscriptions will be automatically aligned to the new price at the end of the current billing period.

In the event of a subscription price increase, active subscriptions will not change in price and customers will be notified in order to evaluate any new offer.

In case of problems you can contact the Medi-cine Online team by writing an email to contact.us@medi-cine.online. We will reply as soon as possible.

How do I cancel a subscription?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page in My Account area, and your subscription will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused subscription periods.

What devices are supported?

Medi-cine Online library can be accessed from any web browser on any device, desktop, laptop and mobile.

Where can I watch it from?

Watch it anywhere, anytime. Log in with your Medi-cine Online account and you will have the entire library available from any device: from your personal computer, smartphone, tablet.

How can I contact Medi-cine Online team?

You can contact the Medi-cine Online team by sending an email to contact.us@medi-cine.online. We will reply as soon as possible.

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